Simone Brillarelli was born in Florence (Italy), currently he works and lives in Milan but has also lived and worked in London and Rome. He is a visual artist, director and 2d animator. His work spans advertising, music videos and art.  We discovered Simone at the Mercato Centrale in the Grand Central Station of Milan where his illustrations adorn posters and murals which gives the place a street art vibe.   

His work for the Mercato Centrale merited a gold medal by the Art Directors Club of Italy in the category BTL - Retail and Environmental. Simone is a member of the ADCI has also designed work for Caterina Caselli, K+ films, Italia Keeps on cooking for Ukraine, Dargen D'Amico, Populous and many others.


His signature style is based on a mix of rotoscoping and traditional animation in which brushstrokes, oils and pastels, cut-out shapes and writing, add complexity and a new way of reading reality.  Simone studied advertising graphics at the Art Institute of Porta Romana in Florence, Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and Animation at the Nemo Academy in Florence.  Simone won a a gold medal for my work of Mercato Centrale Milano at the Art director’s club Italy in the category “Btl - retail and environmental”.


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