Rebranding 2024 - Navigation Compass
Rebranding 2024 - Navigation Compass

In a stunning revitalization of style and function, Harper Douglas Max proudly announces the rebranding of Dolcevia®. Embracing the elegance and spirit of the 1930s, the website now features a sophisticated Art Deco aesthetic, influenced by the classic era of "La Dolce Vita."

Portafortuna and branding Dolcevia®

icon portafortunaEstablished in 2001 as a premier source for Italian news and travel guides, Dolcevia® remained true to its original design for two decades. This historic rebranding marks a bold departure from the past, as we introduce "Portafortuna," the Neapolitan talisman, which now gracefully embellishes various icons across the site. This emblem of good fortune intertwines with their heritage and serves as a beacon of luck and prosperity for travelers.


A cornerstone of our redesign is the compass, meticulously restored from a 1930 map of Mexico. It serves as a beacon for navigation, guiding visitors through the enriched content of Dolcevia®. Beyond its practical use, this compass symbolizes the journey and exploration that lie at the heart of every traveler's spirit.

Font design is by Louise Fili known for her  artistic inspiration derived from her passion for Italy, Modernism, and European Art Deco styles. We chose to use Montecatini Pro and Le Monde Livre Classic. 

Travel icons for Dolcevia®

We've also crafted a bespoke collection of 20 travel icons, each designed to enhance the experience of our users. Whether on maps or within the pages of our site, these icons pave the way to discovery and adventure. 


2024Logo Gold

Our commitment to embodying the quintessence of Italian travel extends to the protection of our brand. The EU registration of "Dolcevia" cements our unique travel philosophy and our devotion to Italy's myriad enchanting locales. With Harper Douglas Max at the helm of this rebranding, Dolcevia® is poised to continue its legacy, offering a refreshed portal that not only informs but inspires.

Our journey together begins anew - with a touch of vintage flair and a forward-looking vision.

Join us at the newly reimagined Dolcevia®!