Tein Lucasson is the creator of the collection L ’Animorphe, animal portraits in the style of old masters. In 2016, when the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam released many of its works into the public domain, Lucasson digitally edited the painting to incorporate an image of his beloved labradoodle Ventje.

Since then, the Dutch graphic designer and visual artist has turned hundreds of cats, dogs and guinea pigs into works of art for his collection L’Animorphe. Tein was born in 1976 in Haastrecht, a small town in the South of the Netherlands. He is well-known in the industry for his book and editorial design, for which he has received numerous awards over the last two decades. He studied Graphic Design in Rotterdam, which led to a diverse design career that featured global campaigns for HEMA and Ahold, as well as editorial design for key periodicals at the Finnish media conglomerate Sanoma. As an independent design artist, he has been influential and a trailblazer in print media, as evidenced by his efforts everywhere from books to advertising.




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